Malicoil L Fibre Coiling Bracket

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Manages the coiling of aerial fibre optic cables. Coiling Diameter: Min 550mm / Max 960mm

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• Manage cable loops with a specific bending radius to obtain the best efficiency of the blocking coils and respect the installation instructions of the cables

• Blend into the environment by minimising the congestion and the visual impact.


Storage coiling device: Additional cable length can be used during a construction phase or an operational phase. The loops are adjusted to the dynamic bending radius of the cable (generally 20x its diameter) and can be removed.

Blocking coiling device: anti-pistonning system which blocks the various components of the cable, to be used near the splice enclosure. The loops are adjusted with the static bending radius of the cable (in general 10x its diameter) and shall not be removed after installation.

Cable Protection

The round profile of the aluminium branches have been designed to avoid damage to the cable sheath during installation.

The cable loops can be fixed on the branches with notched straps (not included).

Easy and quick installation

Locking of the 4 sliding branches by 4 screws.

Built-in bracket for fixing on any type of wood, metal or concrete pole, round, hexagonal or rectangular shape.

Lightweight and strong material

The base and the branches of the coiling device are made of aluminium alloy offering lightweight and an excellent mechanical strength.

Coiling Diameter: Min 550mm / Max 960mm

Cable Bending Radius: Min 275mm / Max 480mm

Weight: 1.82kg

Ref: 100846

See datasheet for further details

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