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Smart Meter General Toolkit

Smart Meter General Toolkit


Full Product Description

The Mills Range of Smart Meter Toolkits, have been carefully selected and designed in conjunction with the leading energy supply companies. The range covers 6 different toolkits with additional options, for the safe installation of both gas and electrical smart meters and removal of existing legal units.

Mills Smart Meter General Toolkit for installation and maintenance comprising:

B70-8209 Mills Heavy Duty Toolbox

H72-7381 Pipe Cutter Automatic 15mm

H72-7378 Pipe Cutter Automatic 28mm

H72-7379 Pipe Cutter Automatic 22mm

H72-7382 Spare Wheel for Pipe Slice

S00-7380 Rothenberger Gas Test 30mb U Gauge Manometer

E22-6370 ECO Bradawl Chisel End 38mm

R99-7383 1/2" cleaning/application Brush

K70-7869 Mills MasterClass Magnetic Base Spirit Level 250mm

S99-7384 Scouring Pad 23cm x 15cm Pk 10

K70-6883 Mills 5m 16ft Tape Measure

J72-9588 Mills Claw Hammer Glass Fibre Shaft 16oz

N04-1616 Junior Hacksaw Blades Pk of 10

E22-6585 ECO Mini Saw N63-3005 HSS Twist Drill 3.5mm

N63-1010 HSS Twist Drill 6mm N36-1172 Masonry Drill 5.5 X 85mm

N36-1173 Masonry Drill 6 X 100mm

N36-1175 Masonry Drill 7 X 100mm

N36-7388 Flat Drill Bit 18mm

N36-7389 Flat Drill Bit 25mm

N36-7390 Flat Drill Bit 30mm

N36-5029 5 Piece SDS Drill Bit Set in Shell Case

N70-7522 Stanley Plasterboard Saw 150mm 6" 6tpi

N70-7391 Floorboard / Veneer Saw 325mm 13" 12tpi

H70-7393 Heavy-Duty RapidGrip® Wrench 350mm (14in)

H70-7394 Aluminium RapidGrip® Wrench 450mm 18"

P09-0694 Bosch GMS120 Metal Multi Detector

N56-1461 Half-Round Second Cut Engineers File 150mm (6in)

H70-7395 Monument Abrasive Cleaning Strips Pack of 10

J62-6638 Mills Cold Chisel 60mm with Hand Guard

F70-7408 Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver Pozi No.2

F70-7409 Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver MOD2

F70-7410 Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver Slotted 5.5mm

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