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Smart Meter Electrical Engineers Toolkit No.2 - Size 8 Gloves

Smart Meter Electrical Engineers Toolkit No.2 - Size 8 Gloves


Full Product Description

The Mills Range of Smart Meter Toolkits, have been carefully selected and designed in conjunction with the leading energy supply companies. The range covers 6 different toolkits with additional options, for the safe installation of both gas and electrical smart meters and removal of existing legal units.

Mills Smart Meter Electrical Engineers Toolkit No.2 for installation and maintenance, with size 8 fully insulating high voltage gloves comprising:

B70-0600 Mills Utility Tote Tool Bag

H87-7350 Universal Shroud for Domestic Cut-Outs x3

H87-7348 Non-Universal Shroud for Domestic Cut-Outs x3

E12-7531 Mills VDE 1000V Long Nose Plier With Cutter 220mm

E12-7534 Mills VDE 1000V Combination Pliers with Cutter 190mm

E12-7532 Mills VDE 1000V Diagonal Cutter 180mm

H87-7347 Mills VDE 1000V Insulated Cable Shears 200mm

S70-7362 Scissors 216mm (8.1/2")

E00-7411 MeterMade 25 Smart Meter Cable Stripping Tool

E00-7412 MeterMade 16 Smart Meter Cable Stripping Tool

M99-5489 Mills LED Head Torch

H87-7346 Inspection Mirror VDE 25mm

C70-7351 Martindale Elite Digital Fuse Finder FD550

C70-7353 Martindale BZ101 Buzz-IT Audible Check Plug x2

C70-7363 Martindale VT7 Single Pole Voltage Indicator

C70-7364 Martindale PD440 440V AC Proving Unit

C70-7365 Martindale TC69 VIPD Soft Carry Case

C70-7360 Martindale TEK100YE Non Contact Voltage Detector

C70-7361 Drummond MTL20 Test Lamp

Z00-5000RM Fire Brigade Master Key Set

S00-7352 Service Cabinet Key

S00-7377 Gas / Electric Utility Meter Key

H87-7349 T Key Insulated 3mm Hexagonal 1000V

F02-3638 Mills MasterClass Screwdriver Set 1000V VDE Insulated 6 Piece comprising:

Slotted 100 x 3.0mm, 100 x 4.0mm, 125 x 5.5mm, 150 x 6.5mm.

Pozi® 80mm x No. 1, Pozi® 100mm x No. 2.

F70-7356 Screwdriver VDE Pozi No.2 x 200mm

F70-7597 Screwdriver VDE Modulo No.2 6mm x 100mm

F70-4270 Mills MasterClass Professional Screwdriver Pozi 250mm x No.2

H87-7357 Protective Glove Pouch

H87-7414/8 Leather Overgloves Size 8

H87-6541 1000V Gloves Class 0 36cm - Size 8

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