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Mills Polemate Kit
Mills Polemate Kit Mills Polemate Kit Mills Polemate Kit Mills Polemate Kit Mills Polemate Kit Mills Polemate Kit

Mills Polemate Kit


Full Product Description

The Polemate and Pitmate range of products and accessories have been specifically designed in conjunction with telecom engineers to assist field operational staff with the installation of telecommunication equipment. The Polemate system comprises a pole-mounting base unit to which splicing trays and cable reel stands can quickly and easily be attached providing a stable platform whilst on site.

Now available as a kit and comprising:

S83-7622 Mills Polemate Base Unit

The foundation of the Polemate system is this Polemate Base Unit which comprises a 50mm wide x 1200mm long webbing ratchet strap and a pole back plate, which can be simply ratcheted to the desired height on the pole.

S83-7623 Mills Polemate Rubber Wedge Spacers Pk3

Pack of 3 wedge shaped rubber spacers which can be used to prevent compression marks and avoid damage to vertically routed copper cables.

Dimensions: Length 100mm x Width 50mm wide x Thickness 15/30mm.

S83-7629 Mills Polemate / Pitmate Splicer's Work Tray

A purpose made splicers tray that simply slots into the S83-7622 Polemate Base Unit providing a firm work support for both joint, splicer, cleaver and associated tools.

It features an aperture to securely hold the BT/OPENREACH One Fibre Overhead Joints’ (CMJ and MMJ) at the correct working height during building and splicing activities.

Dimensions: Width 508mm x Depth 408mm x Thickness 2mm.

S83-7624 Mills Polemate / Pitmate CBT Arm

A specialist 500mm long bracket for use in the installation and controlled de-reeling of CBT Cable Reel Assemblies up to a diameter of 830mm.

The arm can be easily clipped into the S83-7622 Polemate Base Unit & Strap for overhead applications.

The CBT Arm System allows the reel to be unreeled in a controlled manor due the interfence fit of the spindle flanges.

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