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Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe
Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe video

Greenlee NETcat Pro2 NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & 500XP Probe


Full Product Description

Greenlee NETcat Pro NC-500 Structured Wiring Troubleshooter & Free 500XP Precision Filter Probe Promotion

One Touch Testing Verifies Network Cabling and Service

The NETcat® Pro2 is a digital tool for fast, accurate checking of cables, wiring and network service.

Operated using a back-lit touch screen display, the NETcat® Pro2 tests wiring continuity and proper pair allocation, measures the length of cables, determines if network service is available and identifies Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables.
Using a fingertip or the built-in stylus, the screen can be used to control and display a range of tests from fault finding to TDR length measurement.

Product Features

  • Touch screen display with contrast adjustment and backlight
  • Tests shielded twisted pair (STP) unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and coaxial cables
  • 0-2000 foot cable length via TDR
  • Generate four distinct, precision tones for tracing low-loss cables like Cat 5
  • Identifies active network devices (PC or Hub) on 10/100 Base-T networks
  • Displays network device capabilities
  • Patch cable and remote jack wire-map.
  • Detects shorts, opens, reversed, crossed and split pairs
  • Office identificationusing remote ID units
  • Troubleshoots and verifies a wide range of networks
  • Graphical touch-screen display
  • Remote jack ID and verification
  • Operates on a single 9V battery, with low battery indicator
  • Pulsed time domain reflectometer(TDR) shows length of all pairs
  • Compatible with Greenlee precision digital probes


Dimensions: 3.3” x 1.4” x 6.7”(8.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 17 cm)
Weight: 0.45 lb. (200 g)
Power Requirements: 9V Alkaline Battery (PP3)
Display LCD: Dot Pixels: 128 x 128 dots
Viewing Area: 60.0 x 58.4
Backlight: White LED
Buttons: LCD touch-screen, single momentary contact push button
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Interface Connections: RJ45 shielded jacks, F-type  threaded female coaxial connectors

TDR Calibrations:User selectable based on a known cable length. Range: 50 to 2,000 ft. - 40% to 100% in step of 1%.
Length: 2,000 ft. Maximum
Resolution: 1 ft.
Accuracy to Open/Short: +4% or 2 ft. - whichever is greater
Remote Identifier: 2,000 ft. (609.6 meters) maximum distance
Wiremap: 358 ft. (100 meters) maximum distance
Memo Pad Size: 60 Characters
NVP Library-Twisted Pair Cables: 5 fixed and 5 user definable
NVP Library-COAX Cables: 5 fixed and 5 user definable

Greenlee 500XP Precision Filter Probe

Designed to help technicians install, service, and maintain voice, data, and video (VDV) services with ease, the Greenlee Communications 500XP Pair Tracing Probe gets the job done faster, safer, and easier.

Building on the success of the 200XP and 200FP, the Greenlee Communications 500XP adds new features such as real-time, proportional signal processing and acAlert ™ hazardous AC voltage warning.

Other features include a headset connection with improved signal fidelity, and advanced Nautilus ® ergonomics and environmental protection, helping you get the job done in even the most demanding conditions.

The Greenlee Communications 500XP features a new 32-bit microcontroller, which allows for advanced digital signal processing. With effective filtering, low power consumption, and a rugged weather resistant body, the 500XP lets you trace wires for longer, and with greater accuracy than ever before.

• Two Button Control: Simple, easy to use operation.

• Dual LED Indicators: Provides real-time proportional signal strength feedback.

• acAlert ™ Voltage Detection: Emits audible and visible alerts if brought near wires that have AC mains power voltage.

• Mains Hum Filtering: Eliminates hum noise, so you can focus on tracing the correct wire.

• Bandpass Filters: Further reduces noise. Separate LED display with real-time signal strength indicators. Best used when combined with Greenlee Tones set to 577 Hz and 983 Hz.

• Industry Standard: Works with a variety of toners (500 Hz to 2.5 kHz).

• Nautilus ® Environmental Protection: Environmentally protected against dust and moisture. Drop and Crush resistant.

• Three Year Limited Warranty.

Telephone Compatibility Suitable for telecommunication network (TNV-3) signals. May also be used on other networks with similar maximum voltage limits

Maximum Tip Voltage 100V - Emits audible and visible alerts if brought near 50 - 60 Hz AC power cables (acAlert™)

Maximum Transient 500V (1.2 / 50 μs)

Sensitivity Adjustable, 0 dB to ≥ 60 dB

Frequency Response 200 Hz to 3 kHz

Crush Resistance 2 220 lb (100 kg)

Drop Resistance 3 10 ft (3 m)

Dust Resistance IP67 Rated: Total Dust Ingress Protection

Water Resistance IP67 Rated: Can be submerged in 6" (0.15 m) of water for up to 10 minutes. Floats

Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)

Hearing Protection < 103 dB SPL Peak when used with Greenlee headsets

Battery Type 9V PP3

Battery Life > 50 Hours

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