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Greenlee AirScout Live PRO

Greenlee AirScout Live PRO


Full Product Description

The AirScout® Live PRO is an easy to use, engineering grade troubleshooting tool that helps you identify WiFi and non-WiFi interference on your network. It also provides a real-time view of how your network is being utilized and by what, down to the client. The simple, easy to use interface means there is no need for expensive training - users can quickly and easily get to the root of the problem without being a Wi-Fi genius.

Spectrum Analysis

Identify Wi-Fi and non-wireless interference on your network. Use this tool in parallel with the AirTime Analysis to accurately pinpoint the cause of interference.

Troubleshoot quickly

Detect non-Wi-Fi interference

Analyze interference

Identify impact on WLAN channels

AirTime Analysis

Utilize a complete, real-time view of how your network is being utilized and by what clients.

Live view of channel utilization

AP and client level analysis

MAC address and device identification


AirTime Analysis

Spectrum Analysis

Real-Time Congestion, Interference and Utilization Depiction

802.15.4 Optimization

Reporting and Cloud Access

Compatible with AirScout Residential

Supplied with Charger, Dongle and Carrying Case