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Our Fusion Cabling System is backed by an altogether better 25 year warranty to show our commitment and responsibility in ensuring that all our products perform to an exceptional standard.

The 25 year product warranty covers Cat5e and Cat6 cabling copper systems and gives you protection on all your Fusion structured cabling installations. It is available only to Fusion registered installers.

To qualify for this warranty

After Fusion has verified that the installation is conformant the warranty becomes applicable.

In the unlikely even that you need to claim on the warranty, just call us and once we can confirm that a Fusion product is responsible we will repair or replace the product absolutely free of charge.

For more details on Fusion 25 year warranty, please contact Fusion Customer Services or email


Terms and Conditions

This is a 25 year product warranty that can only be claimed by a registered Fusion Installer for faults which occur during or after the application of a Fusion copper system installation process.

Warranty Claim Process

Stage 1: Installation

  • 1. The warranty only covers Fusion components installed by a Fusion registered Installer. The installation MUST be made up entirely of Fusion products, which must be new at the time of installation, to qualify for the warranty.
  • 2. Once site testing has been completed, the Fusion registered installer will provide copies of each link test within 10 working days of Installation, together with site drawings and other relevant information.
  • 3. The Fusion Installer must complete and submit a Warranty Request Form no. FW/FI/REG/130608
  • 4. Installations must be carried out in accordance with Industry Installation Guidelines and certified to ISO/IEC11801 standards.

Test data should be downloaded and transferred onto a disc or email and sent to Fusion/Mills. If no failures or problems are detected then a site certificate will be issued to the Fusion Installer. A warranty sticker will be issued to be placed on the installation site. This is the Fusion warranty stamp of validity.

After Fusion has verified that the installation conforms to its requirements, a Registration Certificate will be issued, thereby recognising it as a Fusion Certified System.

This warranty is effective from the time Fusion issues the Registration Certificate.

This warranty may not be assigned to any other party without the express written consent of Fusion.


Stage 2: Become a Registered Fusion Installer:

A registered Fusion Installer is an authorised installer who has to prove that they are fully qualified to perform a copper installation and operate and implement the products and equipment involved. Installers can apply to become a registered Fusion installer quickly and easily by simply completing the form no. FW/FI/REG/130608 and submitting the relevant documentation. Once approved the Fusion Approved Installer will then receive a unique Fusion Installer certificate number and will benefit from preferential pricing across the Fusion product range as a Fusion Approved Installer.

To qualify as a Fusion Installer, applicants must be certified as either 1 or more of the following:

  • 1. An accredited BICSI ITS Installer,
  • 2. City And Guilds Network cable Installer administrator
  • 3. A reputable Copper installer with min 5 years proven experience with knowledge and understanding of copper cabling. They must also in addition to this, possess a recognised (other) Industry based qualification.

Stage 3: Evaluation

When the information provided by the Fusion Installer has been evaluated and verified, the 25 year warranty certification will be issued.
The installation warranty certificate will be produced and given to the Fusion Installer who will then pass a copy of the documentation on to the end user.
The warranty commences from the date of certification.

Stage 4: Warranty Claim:

Once it can be proven that a Fusion component in any one or more link fails, or if the installed link no longer meets ISO/IEC11801 standards, then a claim can be made on the warranty.

  • All links must be installed and tested to industry guidelines to qualify for the warranty.

To claim on the warranty the Fusion Certified Installer must contact their Fusion supplier with full details regarding the reason for claim. A warranty will only be issued by the Fusion supplier upon receipt of the following:

  • 1. A fully completed and signed Warranty Request Form FW 130608
  • 2. Completed System Design Criteria Acknowledgement Form FW/SDC/130608
  • 3. Full test results for every horizontal link to be covered (hard and soft copies).
  • 4. Current Schematic of site.
  • 5. Any other information pertaining to the nature of the claim upon request.

N.B. These must be submitted using test equipment that supports the standard for which the warranty is sought.

These should be sent by post or email to the Fusion supplier

The Fusion supplier reserves the right to make a site visit and inspect the installation before a warranty is issued or claimed upon. If an engineer is sent to investigate the site and it is found that the cabling system is not at fault, the customer will be responsible for all the costs incurred (including all engineers’ costs).


Fusion warrant that all qualified products used in the Certified System are, in normal and proper use, (1) free from defects in material and workmanship and (2) perform in accordance with applicable ISO/IEC11801 specifications in effect at the time of the sale.

Fusion will, at their own discretion, repair or replace any product that is found to be defective, or, if repair or replacement is not feasible, refund the purchase price of the defective product. This Warranty does not cover the cost of labour to remedy a warranty claim, and does not cover the additional cost, if any, for any additional labour or products not sold or provided by Fusion, to Fusion Certified Installers. Fusion reserves the right to inspect the installation site and determine the cause of defect or failure.

Claims made under this warranty must be reported in writing to Fusion within ten (10) business days of the discovered failure. This report must include the complete test results identifying the failure, both in hard and soft copy, and a current schematic of the site. Fusion Certified Installers will also have to provide any other information regarding the system as requested to facilitate resolution of the claim.

What the warranty covers


This warranty applies to:

  • All Category 5e and Category 6 rated Fusion products
  • All products designated as part of the Fusion Structured cabling range.
  • This is a link performance warranty, covering patch panel to outlet.

Length of Coverage

This warranty extends for a period of twenty five (25) years from the date of isue.

Limited Liability

  • This warranty does not cover defects or non-compliance in the design or installation of the cabling system, which may result from failure to comply with proper installation procedures. This warranty also does not cover any product failure resulting from circumstances beyond Fusion’s control, including but not limited to, accidents, modifications, unauthorised repair, misuse, fire, flood, force majeure and use outside the United Kingdom.
  • This warranty covers the components of the cabling system at the originalsite of installation only. Any modification to the system without Fusion’s approval voids this warranty.
  • Fusion shall not be liable for damages of any kind, including without any limitation, lost or anticipated profits, delay, or incidental, consequential or special damages.
  • In no event shall the obligation exceed the total purchase price of all qualified products in the warranted system.