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Drummond SMKIT10 Smart Meter Installation Test Tool Kit

Drummond SMKIT10 Smart Meter Installation Test Tool Kit


Full Product Description

The complete solution to enable safe working practices during the installation of Smart Meters. The SMKITs contain all the test tools needed to ensure safe isolation procedures can be implemented during the installation process.

The comprehensive kits include, a Buzz-It check plug for checking the wiring on 13A sockets (SMKIT10 only), a non-contact voltage indicator with probe tip for identifying phase and neutral lines and a single pole contact voltage tester suitable for use when wearing protective gloves and gauntlets. For CAT IV supply side safe isolation testing there is a Drummond MTL10 test lamp with proving device. A soft carry case is included for the whole kit.

The latest Drummond Test Lamps use high intensity LEDs to display discrete voltage levels over a 360 degree viewing angle, even in bright sunlight, making them the most reliable solution for identifying hazardous voltages.

SMKIT10 includes:
1 x BZ101 – Buzz-It Check Plug with Sounder for UK 13A Sockets (SMKIT10 only)
1 x TEK101 – Non-contact voltage indicator with built in proving device
1 x VT7 – Single Pole Contact Voltage Tester suitable for use when wearing PPE
1 x MTL10 – Drummond AC/DC Test Lamp 600V CAT IV
1 x PD440 – Proving Device
1 x TC70 – Combination soft carry case

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