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Anritsu Network Master Multi-Function Optical Fibre Network Test & OTDR Platform
Anritsu Network Master Multi-Function Optical Fibre Network Test & OTDR Platform Anritsu Network Master Multi-Function Optical Fibre Network Test & OTDR Platform video

Anritsu Network Master Multi-Function Optical Fibre Network Test & OTDR Platform


Full Product Description

This Anritsu Network Master is a multi-function OTDR and fibre testing platform. It is a modular palm-sized handheld 3-wavelength, 35 dB class μOTDR with Power Meter, PON-Power Meter, Loss Test Set and Light Source. It comprises the MT9090A mainframe that houses the MU909015C6-067 multi-functional optical fibre test platform.

3 Wavelength (1310/1550/1625 nm) 35 dB Class OTDR

The OTDR offers a dynamic range of 38 dB / 37 dB / 35 dB with PW = 20 μs and 27 dB / 26 dB / 25 dB with PW = 500 ns.

Complete Testing Tool - Premise to Core
With a dynamic range of up to 38 dB, this μOTDR evolves far beyond the premise/access applications that other handheld OTDRs service. Metro links can be tested with lower pulsewidths which provides greater detail and better resolution while long haul fibres up to 175 km (108 miles) can also be completely evaluated.

FTTx and PON Ready
With splitter-based fibre-to-the-x (FTTx) deployments becoming more popular, the need for test equipment to thoroughly test and maintain them has risen. The μOTDR series features the ability to test up to a 1 × 64 split completely from end-to-end and with high resolution.

0.8-m Dead Zone for Short Fibre Analysis
With 0.8-meter dead zones, it is perfect for evaluating central office, FTTx and intra building cables.

Fast Real Time Sweeping
The  μOTDR features real-time updates as quickly as 0.25 seconds. This is useful for connector and splice optimisations as well as verifications of parameter selection.

Easy Operation and Analysis
“Fibre Visualizer (FV)” is a new fault location function designed to simplify the entire testing process. Fibre Visualizer automatically selects the testing parameters to ensure the correct setup and provides a simple, graphical summary of the fibre under test within seconds. A comprehensive PDF report can then be customised and generated, completing the testing process.

SkyBridge Tools™ Test Manager
SkyBridge Tools™ is a cloud-hosted management system for test equipment and trace management. Allowing the test equipment manager to understand and oversee the critical details of the test equipment fleet such as Location, Software version, current user and usage details.

PON Power Meter (1490 nm/1550 nm)

Generally, PON communications use three wavelengths: 1310 nm, 1490 nm, and 1550 nm. Data (1490 nm) and video (1550 nm) signals are sent to subscribers through one optical fibre but a general purpose optical power meter cannot separate the two wavelengths, making it difficult to locate faults using optical level measurements.
The PON Power Meter can identify and measure the two 1490 nm and 1550 nm signals to support PASS/FAIL evaluations based on a set threshold and reference value. Additionally, power measurements and μOTDR tests are quick and easy without changing the optical fibre because the PON Power Meter port is shared with the μOTDR function.

Light Source/Power Meter

The μOTDR module can be used as a light source to identify an optical fibre and measure the loss by connecting an optical fibre identifier and optical power meter at the other end of the fibre. Since all wavelengths are shared by one μOTDR port, the fibre identification, loss, and μOTDR measurements can all be performed as a single task without changing the fibre connection. Both modulation (270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz) and CW signals are supported.
The simple power meter function is ideal for checking optical levels to confirm a fault occurrence using total received power. Setting a threshold and reference value makes PASS/FAIL evaluation easy too. In addition, power measurements and μOTDR tests are quick and easy without changing the optical fibre, because the Power Meter port is shared with the μOTDR.

Loss Test Set

Combining the μOTDR module light source with the Power Meter supports use as a Loss Test Set.
The loss at both 1310 nm and 1550 nm can be measured with one μOTDR by looping-back the optical fibre. And both modulation (270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz) and CW signals are supported. Just setting the threshold and reference value makes PASS/FAIL evaluation easy.


Supplied with SC/APC interface and FC/APC adapter for major UK telecoms network appilications.